Kaigungo Navy Headquarters Park

This park is located south-west of Naha City in the Tomigusuku uplands and offers a view on the East China Sea, the southern metropolitan area all the way to Shuri Castle. During the time of the Shuri Dynasty period, it was a place where there was located “Hibanmui”, a beacon fire that would announce the arrival of ships from China and Satsuma.
During the last stage of World War II, the Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters was established there, thus it became an extreme battleground site. Today, it has been remodeled as a former battlefield park that sends messages of peace to the world from Okinawa, a place for exchanges and relaxation that is widely appreciated by tourists and citizens alike.


Park classification: District Park
Park surface area: 6.7 hectares

Playground area

Making the best of the inclination of the site, it houses a combination of recreational equipment, the roller slide being particularly popular. The square is also equipped with slides and a sand playing area for infants allowing small children to play in all security.

Viewing platform

On the highest spot of the park stands a viewing platform that offers a view on the East China Sea, the southern metropolitan area and Shuri Castle.

Festival area

A place where local festivals and various events are held. It is also enjoyed by many as a place for light physical activity. A sloped green tract of land with small paths, it is also appreciated for outdoor walks.

Parking lots

With the visitor center parking lot, the main parking lot, the sub parking lot, the apartment complex side parking lot, the festival square parking lot, the playground square parking lot (available only on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays), the park can accommodate 100 vehicles. It has space for 10 large buses and 8 parking spaces for people with disabilities.

Park gate and parking lots opening and closing times

The central gate and west side gate: Opens at AM8:00 / Closes at PM7:00
All parking lots hours: Opens at AM8:00 / Closes at PM9:00

Area map

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